Your personal motivation is the foundation for building a startup! And this is where the St.Galler Startup NavigatorTM takes you on a journey to successfully build your own venture. The intuitive, step-by-step approach guides you through 4&20 cornerstones to take data driven decisions, to build and understand your business’ neural system.

Why another tool?

The everyday application of existing tools has motivated us to develop the St.Galler Startup NavigatorTM at the University of St.Gallen. Even though, there are good tools out there, they are scattered and do not provide a holistic approach incorporating individual and team personality with business metrics, co-creation aspects, affordable losses, competition, performance, investment deals, and many more important aspects. So why another tool? Because we validated its necessity! In over a thousand coaching sessions with solo entrepreneurs and teams, both in corporates and in startup settings, and with transferring research knowledge into venture projects.

Unlike existing tools, the personality and team levels are actively designed into the process of profiling, prototyping, sourcing and scaling your venture idea. The warmhearted introduction to the topic of "Unit Economics" fosters an understanding of relevant success indicators, which allow you to judge the validity of the business idea early on. From day one,  a startup cockpit systemizes the implementation of your idea into the market.

Who are the partners?

The University of St.Gallen (HSG), whose graduates belong to the most successful entrepreneurs in German-speaking countries. Startup@HSG with its intensive coaching program and about 100 HSG spin-offs. Fraunhofer Venture, the transfer of scientific knowledge into supervised start-ups. The federal Technical University of Zurich (ETHZ), which has a high number of ambitious students building technology-oriented spin-offs. Startfeld, a regional Swiss incubator supporting over 1.000 startups and entrepreneurs. Milani Design & Consulting, a leading international creative agency, which has built 3 startups and supported over 15 ventures in its development. And startups like Airbnb, Outfittery, Avrios, Ava, N26, Taveri Moto, Viu, Doodle, Hyperloop, Noon Mediterranean, btov Partners, Creandum, V-Zug, and many more.