Social Entrepreneurship: An Option becomes a Necessity

Creating social value has been a long-lasting concept in the history of enterprises. Since almost 20 years the term “Social Entrepreneurs” has become quite popular.

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Kilian Wagner ist HSG Gründer des Jahres 2019

Während des «START Summit» am Freitag, 22. März 2019, ist Kilian Wagner stellvertretend für das Unternehmen VIU zum «HSG Gründer des Jahres 2019» gekürt worden.

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“Unternehmer zählen zu den glücklichsten Menschen”

Warum soll ich Unternehmer werden? Welche Umfelder sind besonders förderlich, um eine Firma zu gründen? Und in welchen Branchen gibt es derzeit besonders viel Potenzial für…

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It’s proven that entrepreneurs are among the happiest people in the world

Dietmar Grichnik is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). In the interview with the Swiss…

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Look for smart money, not dumb money!

As investors hunt for the next unicorn, you hunt for the right investor. For the funding of your startup, you will always have several options that have their advantages and…

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How much money do you need?

The investment is the runway for your startup to take-off successfully. The decisive question is: how much do you need before you earn?

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Fail until you succeed

Failure, quick iteration and optimization is part of the formula for success of startups, but this will only work if you test critical points of your startup.

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Underpromise and overdeliver!

Founders know the problem: They have a clear goal, but they do not know how to get there, yet. With your developed Problem-Solution Fit (Profiling) and your Product-Market Fit…

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Wie Amazon in Deutschland den Markt dominiert

An Amazon kommt man in Deutschland momentan sowohl als Händler als auch als Käufer kaum vorbei. In einer Studie des Center for Entrepreneurship der Universität St.Gallen wurde nun…

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Define your affordable loss!

Now at the latest, you may ask yourself: "What am I willing to lose?”. The possible answers to the “upside” question – “How can I profit?” – are too uncertain.

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